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What is Montessori?

Montessori is a method of teaching that helps prepare the child with self discipline, behavior balance, and practical life skills through self teaching and interest of hands-on learning.

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Implementing Montessori into YOUR home

~ Montessori focuses on real life works, and often times you can implement activities for your child with items from around your home.

~ Nature Walks & any Outside time at least once a day can help fulfill the child's need to be curious and provide rich sensorial experiences.

~ Creating an open, low shelf with items prepared in 1 work sections allows the child to choose what they find interest in without getting overwhelmed by a basket of many options.

Montessori - Based Service Package

(Specialized in ages 0-3 years)

1. Phone or Zoom Consult to go over ideal wishes & desires for your child and home space

$0 - Initial Consult is free of charge

2. In home or Virtual Home Visit to see the space , go over ideal space, discuss the current items vs New items , Budget for New items

*Behind the Scenes: Form a material list for new items within budget range, create a 2D sketch of the new space, prepare a Materials HandBook with common age appropriate work items

$200 flat rate

3. Home Visit to set up the ideal space & place materials on shelf. Included is a brief overview on how each work is presented to you and your child.

Usually approximately 4-6 hours


4. (Optional) Home Visit to teach materials to Child or Parent, introduce new material, change out the shelves of items no longer of interest by the child


We strive to give you your dream setup in the most ideal and practical way possible creating a simple 3 to 4 step process!