The story behind Catching Bubbles...

The story behind Catching Bubbles...

Catching bubbles originated while I was a Montessori toddler teacher. To help collect the classroom of toddlers during moments they needed to pause and listen I found a way to make it positive, fun, and interactive.  Instead of saying be quiet, stop talking, or putting a negative affect into the classroom environment, by simply saying "Catch a Bubble" while performing the motion with my mouth engaged the entire classroom, and at the beginning even caused some giggles and laughter.   I then took it to another level during days of extra excitement, tough moments and lots of emotions.  I found gathering the class around our circle or in the peace area, taking out my breathing ball and teaching the toddlers mindful breaths by catching a bubble upon inhale and blowing the bubble away upon exhale helped regroup our class and calm the environment.   

So you may ask how does this story relate to my business?  

As a doula our purpose is to support the mother and father emotionally and physically when needed. Our reason for being asked to be present in one of the most intimate moments of other families lives is to help them create that ideal environment for them, to help them feel supported no matter the situation, to help them successfully bring a tiny miracle into this world in a safe environment. 

What do you often find mothers being told during labor?   Breathe. Just Breathe. 

Just like the toddlers in my classroom, the mothers in labor are Catching bubbles and releasing them each breathe they take.   What I want with Catching Bubbles is to create a business that has a doula focus with Montessori ideals incorporated.  I want to be able to provide doula services, forums, classes, information and even products that help these expectant parents feel like they are set up for success before, during, and after labor. 

Let's step into the mind of an expectant parent for a minute. Do you feel the pressure to be a good parent? To even just be pregnant?  Are you feeling anxious? Are you still working through past traumas? Are you in it alone? Are you worried about having support? Are you worried about what to eat? AM I still going to be able to work? Can I afford this baby? What if I am not good enough? The list goes on and on. 


I can't fix any one mothers thoughts or feelings. I can't say it will all be fine. I can't say anything that will push aside those fears and worries, but what I can do is provide support. I can provide support by putting together support groups, putting together classes that help them feel even a little bit more prepared than they did before taking them. I can do a home visit at any point in the process and help them talk through their  thoughts, help find outside resources when needed, or help create that ideal space for the new little one when they just don't have the energy. By simply showing up for them as their support person can change so much in a positive way. 

Catching Bubbles was created to deliver doula services and Montessori guidance. Maria Montessori once said, "The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of RESPONSIBILITY and the wings of INDEPENDENCE."   By providing knowledge to expectant parents early on it allows them to prepare their environment, to understand the why behind the methods and the be able to feel confident in what they are teaching their children.   

The average fetus begins developing their senses at 8 weeks in utero. That is only 2 months into a 10 month pregnancy. (Yes, pregnancy is actually 10 months!)  By incorporating moments of time dedicated to your baby you can start creating that connection.  In the classes I would like to put together I would love to teach parents different ways they can do that and how they can continue it from day one after birth. For example, A baby is on average changed 8 times a day and as they grow they become very intrigued with what is on the walls by their changing table.  Instead of letting them pull on that cord hanging from the lamp on the shelf above or trying to roll over so they can grab the dirty diaper next to them why not place something purposeful on the wall.  I have created something I am very proud of, but still working to get a patent for so unfortunately to protect my product I can not share at this time. What I can say is I have tried this in my classroom not for diaper changes but in my peace area and I can tell you each and every day multiple children are interacting with this product again and again. This product helps focus on one thing at a time. It re-centers the overwhelmed child or distracted child by bringing them to a calmer, more focused state.

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