Finding the right Doula for YOU...

“Breathe…Breathe…Breathe…” often a repeated word heard by laboring mothers…

Instead let’s try,

“With every Breath I can relax.”

“I breathe in my power and exhale my fears.”

 “I am powerful.” 

“I am safe. My baby is safe” 

By replacing “Breathe” mothers are empowered and ready to conquer labor with less fears and a greater relaxation!

  • Basic - $1200

    ~ 2 prenatal visits

    ~38 week 24/7 On Call

    ~Babies st photo w/ complementary wrap/blanket

  • Expanded - $1600

    - All of Basic Package

    -Photography of Labor & Birth and first hours (digital file of all photos unedited)

  • Plus - $2200

    ~All of Basic & Expanded packages

    ~ 1 prenatal visit for Montessori before Birth or Babies 1st signs

    ~2 postpartum visits

Add Ons


- Lactation Consulting

- Hypnobirth Track

-In home montessori Makeover

Group Classes

- Babies 1st Signs

- Montessori before Birth

- Affirmation Card making class