Our Doula Services

“Breathe…Breathe…Breathe…” often a repeated word heard by laboring mothers…

Instead let’s try,

“With every Breath I can relax.”

“I breathe in my power and exhale my fears.”

 “I am powerful.” 

“I am safe. My baby is safe” 

By replacing “Breathe” mothers are empowered and ready to conquer labor with less fears and a greater relaxation!

  • Birth Doula ~

    ~ 1-2 prenatal visits

    ~24/7 availability by text or call

    ~ on call officially at 38 weeks until delivery, early support will be provided if it is needed before 38 weeks

    ~ Emotional Support & encouragement that best fits you

    ~Counter pressure & physical support

    ~ Full Labor support until 2-4 hrs postpartum

    ~lactation & breastfeeding support

    -Photography of Labor & Birth and the first hour postpartum (optional , extra fee)

    *extra postpartum support /hr available in home

  • Virtual Doula ~

    You will receive everything in the birth doula package, except virtually! You will receive 24/7 support via video chat, phone call , or text!

  • 1:1 Sessions ~

    Meet with us one on one to find educated support on anything prenatal , labor , or postpartum related!

  • Sign up here for the next available 1:1 Session

    Click Here! Payment will be requested before meeting begins. 

Postpartum Services Only ~

- Allow the mother to rest without interruption if desired

- assist in breast and bottle feeding support

- lactation support

- sleep training & assistance adjusting sleep schedules when appropriate

- meal preparation & light housekeeping

- newborn care

- conversing about whats on your mind, excitement, worries, doubts, fears etc.

- Any needs that come up while in the home with you, baby and your family

Overnight Doula Support ~

- a nights rest where you can sleep worry free while the doula watches over and cares for baby through the night

- aids in sleep recovery for you to optimize your healing postpartum & energy during the day

- if breastfed baby will be brought to you for feedings

- if bottle fed baby will be fed by the doula so you can sleep through the night unless requested otherwise

Al La Carte

- Single Prenatal visit /hr

- Single Postpartum Visit /hr

- Photography Mini Session

- Hypnobirthing Birth Track

-Hypnobirthing Prenatal Track