Client Testimonials

Madison was crucial in my positive postpartum experience. As our postpartum doula, she helped me, a first time mom, navigate the new realm of caring for my exhausted body while learning about and caring for my newborn. I couldn’t imagine anyone else in my little bubble with me. She had so much expertise and really had a way with my baby. She encouraged confidence in me and allowed for much needed rest whenever I needed it. I can’t recommend her enough. I’d hire her over and over again.

- Kate A. , Postpartum Client

Hiring a birth doula, and Madison specifically, was the best investment I made in my birth experience! After a not-so-positive first delivery, I wanted something different for my second. After meeting with Madison and hearing about the different families she had worked with, I knew she could be a strong coach to get me through an unmedicated delivery, which she did! I highly recommended Madison. She’s a true professional and the best support you need on a very important day!

- Sierra , Birth Client

If you're expecting a child in the future I HIGHLY recommend Madi as your doula. Shae has been a blessing in my home helping me with my children. She is present, knowledgeable, and has so much to offer as far as support and care taking goes.

 - Felicia , Postpartum Client

Madi you entered the birthing space as a kind stranger, with a smile and gentle presence. But by the time we were being discharged home, we felt as though we had been long time friends. We felt incredibly lucky to have you be such an integral part of this life-changing experience for us. We've talked about our birth center experience many times since birth and always come back to how much you helped ensure our comfort and safety as our doula.  You matched the energy of the situation perfectly. You never felt far away but allowed us to have the space we needed to experience and support each other in the birthing environment. Your guidance, patience, and caring demeanor made us feel calm, and pr3epar3ed to tackle our first days of parenthood. We can not imagine a better experience or outcome with any other doula. We will be recommending you as a doula to all of our friends. The importance of your work cannot be overstated! Thanks for everything, Madi! P.S. Thank you for educating us on car seat safety! 

- Z  , Birth Client 

Madison, Thank you so much for everything! Your voice was such a sweet and gentle reminder to lean into the pain. You reminded me that I was in control and that everything was all right. I don't think I would've had the birth experience I envisioned without you! Thank you for giving the attention you did to our older children and including them in the birthing process. We are so grateful for you, you blessed us! 

- M , Birth Client 

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