January 2024

New services being released January 1st, 2024!!!! Reach out today for a FREE consultation  for any services related to Birth & Early Childhood education , Doula services or Babysitting trainings and scheduling!

Passion for helping others has been ingrained in me for as long as I can recall. Creating a secure space where individuals can embrace vulnerability and find unwavering support is a facet of my character that brings me immense pride. No one should feel alone; it has always been my inclination to extend beyond expectations, offering a comforting presence to loved ones and patients navigating moments of solitude and unease during transitions in hospitals.

To me, being your Doula is not just providing you counter pressure and support. It’s about creating that positive birth space for you, where you can completely surrender and lay trust into your surroundings! Where you can be fully present with yourself and your baby as they transition from being a part of you on the inside and into one of their own in your arms on the outside. This is your story that I, as your doula, am honored to be a part of. You are in control of your birth space and who is in it!

For each of my birth clients, I craft personally written affirmation cards and offer assistance in materializing your dream birth space.

Post-birth, as the fourth trimester unfolds, I step into a role of unique support. This chapter, where families acquaint themselves with quirks and routines, is as distinctive as each individual. As a postpartum doula, I provide physical and mental support—whether it’s lactation guidance, rest, household chores, meal prepping, or engaging in profound conversations about life. In moments of exhaustion and when things seem askew, always remember: You are enough!

Beyond my doula work, I engage with clients through informative calls, providing education on a spectrum of topics ranging from childbirth and parenting to Montessori principles. When I’m not immersed in these enlightening conversations, my off-hours are a dynamic blend of creativity and rejuvenation. To stay grounded and invigorated, I venture outdoors, whether it’s through the exhilarating experience of cold plunging or the serenity of a hike in nature.

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My LOVE for what I do everyday

✨As the water draws to fill the bath and a hypno track plays, the sound of the laboring mama fills the air… the room lights were dimmed, a candle lit nearby and the father pressing on the mothers lower back as each wave comes along! 

Here I support each one as the labor progresses, keeping them calm, relaxed, and confident.  The midwife is on the way… 

As the 3rd wave of contractions comes along, baby is crowning, mom is feeling the change and the beauty of transition is setting in. 

With no time to push, baby knew they were ready to enter this world. Right arm first, then head, and then came the rest! 

The father moved to the side and supported mom as I delivered this beautiful angel and swiftly passed baby under directly to moms chest. Baby knew exactly what to do next, after a few minutes of cries, baby nestled into moms chest and crawled themselves right onto mamas breast! 

This birth is one I will never forget!✨